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released December 15, 2012

Chris Ledgerwood: Lead vocals/guitar/bass guitar
Franklin Ledgerwood: Lead guitar
Steve Rasmusen: Harmonica/percussion
Jessica Ledgerwood: Harmony vocals

Additional musicians:
Russell Prince: Drums/guitar
Harry Hoggard: Keyboard



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Chris Ledgerwood and the thrift store poets Cushing, Oklahoma

Chris Ledgerwood and The thrift store poets are an acoustic, classic rock band. Chris Ledgerwood, Jeff Little, Franklin Ledgerwood, Curtis Baker and JD Fox create a sound that is reflective of their small town roots. Their original songs -written by Chris Ledgerwood - range from the spiritual to everyday life, and help paint a musical picture of the experience we all share, life. ... more

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Track Name: Scars
I want to help you,
but your just so far away.
I tried to tell you,
but you won't hear a word I say

Sometimes life is so difficult.
Sometimes life is so damn hard.
It's hard to hold on to your innocence
through the tears and the scars.

I want to pray for you,
but I don't know what to say.
Words are so empty,
wouldn't help anyway.
Track Name: Leave it behind
Don't cry for me tonight
is all she said.
It's all in your mind.
you gotta leave it behind.
Most things in life are best unsaid.
It's all in your mind.
You gotta leave it behind.

And I don't know where your going tonight,
or where you want to be.
But it's easier to turn away than to find me.
Sometimes I don't know,
and I don't even care.
Don't look away baby.
I won't be there.

Don't cry for me tonight
is all she said.
It's all in your mind.
you gotta leave it behind.
Most things in life are best unsaid.
It's all in your mind.
You gotta leave it behind
Track Name: Song for HolliDae
Sitting alone
under the sky.
Asking myself,
a million times why.

I'm holding on to memories
that won't let me go.
They tear out my heart
and steal my soul.

Last night I saw a star
fall from the sky.
And I heard you whisper my name,
it'll be alright.
Track Name: Stand tall
Staring out the window,
out on the street,
there ain't a soul out there
that I want to meet.
Each of them searching
to find they're way.
Each of them searching for yesterday.

So, hold on
be strong,
life ain't always what it seems.
Walk proud,
sing out loud,
always hold on to your dreams.

Yesterday a young man
trying to find his way.
Tomorrow an old man dreams
of yesterday.
Each of them searching to
find themselves .
Each of the searching for
someone else.
Track Name: The cut
I sat down by the window,
and stared at the moon.
I tried hard to remember
but my heart couldn't find the room.

They say time heals all wounds,
but I'm still tender to the touch.
You left a scar so deep,
I feel the cut.

That old bus it rattled
as it carried me back home.
I still can't shake the memory
of setting there alone.
Track Name: Standing there
She carries a coin in her pocket,
it helps her live with the regret.
A friend told her the spirit will dance
if she could learn to forget.
And she raises her hands toward heaven
praying for the strength to stand.

And I see her standing there
asking how much can I take.
When you pray for grace
in a world full of pain,
your hearts going to break.

Every now and then
she asks herself what
kind of difference would it make.
If I stay here or I turn and run
I'm still going to deal with this heartache.
And she raises her hands toward heaven
praying for a second chance.
Track Name: Lost your way
I'm tired of sitting here alone
as the night takes it'shold on me.
Something is bound to give
within the soul of this refugee.

And I see the night falling around me,
as I hear what my soul has to say.
Sometimes it's hard to find your way home
when you know you've lost your way.

It's hard to deal with these memories
when all you know is how you feel.
Sometimes it's much easier
to look beyond what is real.
Track Name: The door
I set sail on the waters of my soul.
convinced to let the tide
take me farther than I've ever known.

Cause I'm tired of living
by their rules.
I want someting more
than this world of posers and fools
that stand outside my door.

And now the time has come,
I stand here all alone.
I know deep inside
I can never go home.